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Interfaith Programs

Interfaith Programs

Interfaith and intrafaith programs are very essential to build and bridge the communities with unity and brotherhood. To keep cordial relations with the broader society, various programs on different occasion to create awareness to all communities integrating with other faiths towards common goal:

The programs remarked are:

  • Programs and lectures in the month of Holy Ramadhanand inviting all sects motivate and educate their masseson the importance of Yawmul Quds, Unity and Brotherhood.
  • Interfaith Iftar during the Holy Month – on regional & national level inviting all muslim sects.
  • Seminar for Intellectuals where attendance of dignitaries from various walks and professions to condemn the atrocities as well as stress on the necessity of unity amongst the Muslim Ummah
  • Milad un Nabi (S.A.W.W) programs organized at our various centers and also participated at our fellow Muslim brothers.
  • Communication and relations with BAKWATA offices.
  • Inviting Ahlul Sunnah Shuyukh in our programs and uphold them by giving platform and podium for conveying messages of peace, unity and harmony.

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