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Madressa Syllabus & Exams

Madressa Syllabus & Exams

Our main aim is to produce and educate local Mubaligheen and Mubalighaat, so that they can deliver the message of Ahlulbayt (as) in their villages and regions.

Every year BMMT announces for New Hawza Intakes many students apply, our head of Tabligh and Regional Sheikhs interview the students, so each student can be allocated to his/hers Level in BMMT Hawzas.

This year 2018 about 26 Girls passed for Hawzatul Bibi Khadijatul Kubra (as) and 37 Boys passed for Temeke Hawza and Temeke Pre-Hawza( Kigoma).

The strategy of common syllabus and exams is of a long term which needs consistency and patience. The intentions are to get students learning with effective results.

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